Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Division

Wildfire Smoke and Air Quality

CURRENT SMOKE / AIR QUALITY CONDITION COMMENT(S) BY EHS: Building ventilation systems are in "normal ventilation mode".

Know Your Air Quality

The purpose of this site is to support Berkeley Lab worker protection through various resources and links to agency tools in order to provide Berkeley Lab building occupants, outdoor workers and Lab Operations staff with the necessary information needed to determine the air quality during wildfire smoke events along with steps to protect ourselves from the effects of wildfire smoke. This site also helps LBNL comply with Cal/OSHA's Protection From Wildfire Smoke Regulation (Title 8, Section 5141.1) for outdoor workers. 

Berkeley Lab EHS references the EPA's AirNow AQI levels as the primary means for our wildfire smoke response effort. PurpleAir data is also referenced by EHS given it's widespread network of sensors, but more from a qualitative, general perspective.

Additional links to many resources are included at the bottom of each page from various governmental agencies for home wildfire smoke protection and other technical content. Links to wildfire smoke information from Berkeley Lab's Security and Emergency Services (SES) and Energy Technologies Area (ETA) Indoor Air Group are also included. 

Contact EHS at wildfiresmoke@LBL.gov.

LabAlert Sign Up: Stay informed by signing up for alerts from LabAlert, and tune in to local media for changes in smoke or weather conditions.

Know Where To Go In Case Of A Wildfire. The Latest SAFE Buildings Map:

In the case of wildfires, those working at the Lab's main site should know the location of SAFE buildings. These buildings are marked with bright blue signs. They are temporary refuges that are built out of concrete or steel and have defensible space around the exterior.